Cal Ryan, President

PO BOX 2759


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The board meets once a month. Meetings are open to the membership - contact us if you would like more information.


The Granite Bay Chapter currently has more than 75 members. Those who joined during the first year the chapter was established are considered charter members. Special thanks for their involvement in our chapter. 

Kenneth Akins 
Dennis Anderson 
Ron Arendt 
Nick Arendt 
George Banks
Bradley Beer
Preston Beer 
Ed Benoit 
Paul Bianchi 
George Bishop 
Jack Bishop 
Linda Bishop 
Michael Bleck 
Rick Boggs 
Tom Boxler 
Al Bunt 
Doug Burgard 
Carl Campagna 
Jeanee Clark 
Audie Crabtree 
​Mary Lou Crabtree 
John Doolittle 
​Steve Estes 
Gary Fitzpatrick 
Sterling Fligge 
James Goodwin 
Mark Huff 
David Laws
Steve Morgan 
Cyrus Johnson 
Paul Joyce 
Rodney Klein 

Robert Keagy
Larry Kelley 
David Kropelinicki
Frank Giordano 
Mark Swarsbrook ​
Gerald Upholt 
Patricia Smith 
Bryce Smith
Jeanne Smith 
Richard Westervelt 
Ken Womack 
William Kuchan 
Charles LaPorte 
Kathryn Lynch 
Patrick McLaughlin
Roy Mondike
Bernice Newell 
Jack Newell (deceased) 
John Nixon 
Thomas Oller 
Charles Whitmore
​James Wilcox 
Mark Wilson 
Sam Paredes ​
Gene Questa 
Wilbert Smith 
Bill Clark 
Marie Reuter 
H.L. Richardson 
Calvin Ryan 
Victor Shada
​Jeff Sharman

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